What a beautiful catastrophe


Project carried out together with Tomasz Wlaźlak as a part of the Narracje Festival #5, Gdańsk

The work makes use of amateur recordings of a fire at a Gdańsk slaughterhouse, which led to the destruction of the historic complex of buildings. The objects of this kind, as shadows of the past, movingly remind us about the bygone times. They manifest their dramatic nature regardless of whether we can understand their history. What a beautiful catastrophe is an installation aiming to directly invoke the fire. With the aid of a series of tripods and working cameras, set up opposite the building, the registered fire is being played. The building on fire is both a dramatic and a spectacular event, which amasses a crowd of people as onlookers. Today, participation in such an event is emphasised by numerous pictures and films, which later fill the Internet or feed the eyes of the encountered friends and relatives.