A group of people throws themselves over others, flipping and pinning each other down. Together they create a kind of human pile. This type of play is informally called in Polish “kanapka” (“sandwich”), “siano” (“hay”) or “stos” (“heap”/”pile”). Many people may remember it from childhood. Like in many other forms of teen pastimes, there is a lot of rivalry, risk and physical contact here too. The bigger the pile, the more dangerous it is for those at the bottom. Accumulated warmth and massive weight, joyful for those at the top, makes it hard to breathe. To be in the pile is a physical experience, where euphoria goes together with embarrassment and pain. Immobilized by our friends’ bodies we become vulnerable, we experience both intimacy and helplessness. This absurd form of play has become a starting point for the presented photography.  The artist’s acquaintance and friends and even their children took part in the session.19 people with a combined weight of 1254,2 kg (over 27650 pounds).