Street lamps
The area near the Ludwik Rydygier Hospital in Toruń
The development of science and medicine resulted in death, illnesses and suffering being pushed out of everyday life and located in institutions founded especially for that purpose, such as hospitals, social care homes or hospices. While fighting for the health of the patients, hospitals found it difficult to simultaneously cope with the needs of the dying. This is why hospices, much younger institutions, were created in order to take care of the terminally ill at the end of their lives. The installation was set on the unofficial road connecting the hospital with the hospice (near the Ludwik Rydygier Hospital in Toruń). The rhythm of the path winding through the woods was marked by the seven non-functioning street lights. The interference into space consisted in placing discreet light in the arms of the street lights. Functioning anew, the street lights manifest their bygone nature, slightly lighting up the road. The work generates a symbolic space, which constitutes a commentary on what is located on the periphery of social awareness.