Simultaneous works


The cycle of 27 pictures shows the exposition space of the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń while the interiors were being reconstructed and the exhibits changed between two exhibitions. The pictures constitute a kind of a cold documentation of a process during which art objects have been replaced by packaging, tools and logistic background of the institution. Some elements of previously presented works of art have been covered with black foil or put into cardboard boxes. There is even a table tennis table (the technical staff makes use of it during their breaks).
The building of CoCA in Toruń is the first architectural object in Poland entirely dedicated to contemporary art since 1939. Its modern space, implicitly dictated by the needs of expositions is here peeked at during reconstruction and its mobility is discovered. Stripped of artistic objects, naked architecture of the gallery space becomes a commentary on the processes of production of visual art. From behind the tarpaulin, there emerges a fragment of the culture industry, which functions in the culture of efficiency and repeating processes of creation and consumption. The photographic documentation of the action of removing the previous and preparing the subsequent exhibition served to construct a simple video. Over a dozen frames, shown alternately, constitute a kind of an autopsy from where the event took place; they take a look at the in-between state, where there is no safe supervision on the part of the curators, and the staff’s technical work reveals the mechanisms of the art’s presence hidden in the architecture.