BAR STOOL (National Road No. 10)


Work carried out as a part of the SURVIVAL Art Review Forbidden actions, Wrocław

The installation consisted of two elements: a bar stool put loosely in the exhibition space, fastened with a chain, and a large-format photography. The installation reconstructs a remembered situation and an attempt at appropriating it. The pictures constitutes a staged frame, referring to an authentic situation observed by the artist during a car drive on the National Road No.10. The bar stool visible in the picture is fastened with a chain to an element of the road. This apparently irrational situation constituted a practical solution, making a prostitute’s work easier for her. The issue of prostitution is important in the work, but it is observed from a distance, from behind a car window. In Poland, prostitution is legal, but it is connected with forbidden actions, such as procurement, pimping and facilitation. Bringing a bar stool over from a night club to the side of the road and fastening it may betray the organised character of the proceedings and the entanglement of the woman sitting on the stool within them. In this situation, a bar stool fulfils the role of a display (it exposes to desire), fetishises her body, ceases to be a usual piece of furniture and reveals its strange identity. This relationship between an object and a person, and the chain visible in the picture seem to talk about something disturbing. It shows the chain of dependencies and dangers that result directly from providing sexual services for pay. The chain, which was probably supposed to protect the bar stool from being stolen or misplaced, can be another fetish and a sign of enslavement.