Katarzyna Malejka (b. 1985) – graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus Uni- versity, Toruń. Defended her diploma in professor Marian Stępak’s workroom in 2017. Currently working on a doctoral project entitled “Light as a Territory and Medium of Migration”. Malejka takes advantage of new media while seeking her own, intimate forms of artistic statement. She is interested in the issues of the leaky nature of the world and its unstable perception. The area of realisations stretches from minimalist interferences into architecture to large format site-specific installations. Since 2013, she has been a co-creator of the Grupa nad Wisłą [Group over the Vistula River], in which a team of artists, curators and researchers works on new forms of education and transmission of knowledge about art. She works in the graphic collective NooNoo, which creates utilitarian products for the culture and art sector.

Selected exhibitions:


– Supermarket, Stockholm, Sweden
– Ilight Marina Bay, Singapore
– Winter Lights, London, UK
– Cidneon, Brescia, Italy


– Individual exhibition – Hidden Flaw, Miłość Gallery, Toruń, Poland
– Beepositive, Wilno, Litwa
– Group Works, Galeria Wykwit, Wrocław, Poland
– Alberobello Light Festival, Alberobello, Italy
– New Warmth, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Poland
– GLOW, Eindhoven, Netherlands


– 13th Review of Art Survival, Forbidden Acts, Art Transparent, Wrocław, Poland
– Urban observatory: Borderlines, Miłość Gallery, Toruń, Poland
– Visions Festival, Toruń, Poland
– Festival LUX MATRIX, Tallinn, Estonia
– Svetlobne gverile, Lublana, Slovenia
– Aurora Carealis, Joensuu, Finland
– Light Festival – Lichtfestival, Gent, Belgium


– A conversation with a cat, Miłość Gallery, Toruń, Poland
– International LUMINA Light Festival, Portugal
– GiARTino – Ogród Sztuki, Galeria Spotkań, Toruń, Poland
– Salon Video Rurality, Galeria Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey
– Individual exhibition, Street Lights, Galeria Forum, Toruń, Poland


– Festiwal Narracje5, Gdańsk, Poland
– A Convention of Dreamers, Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń, Poland
– International Festival Obidos Luz, Portugal
– PRZEprojekt, Verticale, Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń, Poland
– Festival of Kinetic Art of Light, Łódź, Poland
– International Bella Skyway Festival, Toruń, Poland


– Cosmic Underground, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius


– The International Festival of Young Art, Bełchatów, Poland
– Skyway Light Festival, Toruń, Poland


– Exhibition of awarded diploma projects from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Galeria Wozownia, Toruń, Poland
– III National Exhibition of Student Drawing, Galeria Wozownia, Toruń, Poland
– International Light Festival Skyway, Toruń, Poland
– The Crash (Institute B61) Toruń, Poland, Włocławek, Bydgoszcz, Warszawa, Łódź, Poznań, Poland


– Individual Diploma Exhibition, Ek1 Ran2, Centre of Contemporary Art, Toruń, Poland

Awards and distinctions:


– Distinction with honors at the 3rd National Exhibition of Student Drawing, Galeria Wozownia, Toruń, Poland


– Distinction for the artistic diploma Ek1 Ran2, Toruń, Poland